Blogging for Your Website3 min read

When did you last update your blog? If your answer is along the lines of, “I think it was 2013, but it may have been 2012,” then it’s time for you to do something about your blog, and we’ll give you two good choices of what that something should be.

Blogging - WordPress First, you can simply take down your blog. That’s not the ideal choice because blogging is an excellent marketing tool and a good way to keep your clients updated on all the exciting new ways in which you can help them improve their lives. It also can help improve your search rankings as fresh content helps your website keep up to date, and adding quality content can enhance your website’s user experience.

Still, taking down your blog may be better than leaving it up there if your last entry was a couple years ago. That’s because a most recent blog with a 2013 date can create some negative impressions of your business. A visitor’s first reaction to such an outdated post is likely to be, “Are they still in business?”

Visitors may also wonder if absolutely nothing has changed with your business since 2013. And that’s not a good thing for people to wonder about you, especially when your competitors are always talking about all their “New and Improved” products and services.

So, if you know that blogging can be a valuable business tool, but you’re not doing it regularly, ask yourself why you’re not creating fresh content on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis. Here are some of the reasons why people don’t blog regularly. Check all that apply to you:

  • The thought of writing terrifies me more than the thought of a root canal.
  • Nobody would ever care about what I have to say.
  • I might write something that sounds foolish.
  • I might dangle a participle.
  • I wouldn’t even know what to write about.
  • I don’t have time.

These are all good excuses, but they’re not good reasons for failing to blog. If you want to boost sales while improving your business’s reach in the online world, blogging is a powerful tool for the following reasons and many more:

  • Business blogs give you an excellent opportunity to promote your products, services, special offers, new hires, and much more about your company.
  • Blogs are a form of “Permission Marketing,” meaning that you’re sending sales messages to people who actually want to get them.
  • Blogs can boost customer satisfaction because they can create an opportunity for customers to send you their feedback on how you’re doing.
  • Blogs simply keep you in touch with your customers, and that’s always a good thing.

Think of it this way: A blog is the electronic version of a print newsletter, and many businesses use newsletters to stay in touch with their customers. So, if you see the value of blogging, but you know that it’s not something that you’re going to do yourself, call us at Sharp Innovations. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and create a blogging program that will be a valuable marketing tool for your business.