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Intranet Development

Optimize communication and collaboration within your company.

Intranet Development

Sharp Innovations can build a secure internal network system to optimize the flow of information within your business. Similar in technology to the internet, an intranet is a closed web system that is only accessible to authorized users within your organization. Within this intranet, you can store staff and client contact information, pricing models, business records and more. Utilizing the right intranet platform can help increase workplace productivity and improve the interactions between internal, as well as external teams.

Levels of access can be controlled to allow specific management personnel to retrieve performance reviews, payroll information, and other pertinent data. A skilled intranet developer can create an in-depth design to supplement inter-office communication and increase workflow solutions. Contact us to learn more about a custom intranet design solution.

The Benefits of Intranet Development include:

  • A safe, convenient way to store data
  • Easy accessibility to information, which reduces downtime
  • Can be applied for a variety of different business types and needs

Work From Anywhere

Secure System Development

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from an intranet system. Corporate intranet systems enable staff to work from home in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or similar program created for secure access to company resources.

While located in different locations and time zones, staff can access, manage, and collaborate on documents, business projects, communications, staff directories, and other office functions crucial to keeping your company running — all through an internal, private online network. Intranet systems are accessible anywhere without the need for special hardware.

Our intranet development specialists can help set up secure, remote access that enables your employees to continue everyday tasks essential to your business whenever they are unable to work in an office facility due to traveling constraints or emergency restrictions.

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