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Content Marketing & Blog Management

Content Marketing

No longer is just having a wonderful product or service enough; you must tell a story.

Blog Creation

With successful content marketing, everything is about your audience. You need to find what is important to them, what they need, and why, and then demonstrate your value. Tailoring that content with relevant keywords and themes can increase site traffic and search engine rank.

Targeting through content marketing, and providing value is the key. By looking at your sales funnel, we can help you get higher engagement and conversions on your key performance indicators (KPIs), no matter which step in the sales funnel your customer exists. These steps include:

  1. Awareness
  2. Research & Consideration
  3. Purchasing

Each stage then requires a different strategy. Someone looking to get into golf will be looking for content or resources (IE: how to golf, which club do I use, how do I stay calm when I golf so poorly), which is drastically different than someone who’s an avid golfer (IE: amateur golf tournaments, challenging public golf courses nearby, best golf clubs sets for professionals).

Put simply, we’ll:

  • Target your customers where they are with your information, product, or service in a way that tells a good story to help solve their problem and provide value
  • Test and analyze the results to maximize conversions

This will help your business:

  • Build an engaged and interested audience
  • Increase revenue among your existing customers
  • Save time and reduce marketing costs by targeting the right audience

Blogging Management

Having a blog on your site can boost its SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant source of information for your customers and potential customers.

Blog Management, Creation and/or Setup

By utilizing our blogging management services, you’ll enjoy the creation and/or editing of one blog post per month. We'll also edit and post a second blog article if you're the initiator and wish to take on the creation of the blog content. Additionally, we'll be proactive and reach out to you for blog content. We'll connect with a variety of members from your team in order to give us an insider's edge in posting relevant content about or involving your company. Blogging for businesses is a great tool to reach more potential customers.

Sharp Innovations blogging programs begin with a simple process to help determine the direction and strategy of your campaigns.

  1. Determine what goals you have, and what your audience is looking for.
  2. Identify key topics, competitors, content resources, and research the market for post-worthy trends.
  3. Develop content and include relevant calls-to-action to help drive traffic and links back to your website.

The Benefits of Blog Management include:

  • Creation of 1 blog article per month
  • More frequent as requested: daily, weekly, multiple per week, etc.
  • Second blog option if you create the content

Need A More Aggressive Blogging Plan?

One blog post per month is a great starting point for most clients, but it may make sense to start with a more aggressive approach. With our scalable blogging program, we’ll help you determine the optimal frequency of postings to help reach your goals.

Looking for Blog Creation or Setup?

If you're simply looking to set up your own blog and don't require assistance from our team to create or post content on your behalf, we also offer the setup and blog creation on your own domain. Common blog platforms include WordPress, which offers an easy-to-use interface that your team can manage itself. We'll even design the blog to flow cohesively as if it was just another part of your website rather than an add-on.

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