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E-mail Marketing Automation – Sharper Edge™

Our tiered Sharper Edge™ service offers an automated digital marketing package to fit your budget and needs. Sharper Edge™ is our enhanced approach in helping your business:

  • Increase Lead Generation
  • Grow Existing Markets
  • Discover New Markets
  • Improve Upselling
  • Improve Customer Interaction
Increase ROI by Automating Marketing Processes
  • Increase ROI by Automating Marketing Processes (Reducing the Need for Internal Resources and Enabling Your Staff to Concentrate on Other Crucial Tasks That Elevate Your Business)

three tiers of marketing automation

Because an automated strategy shouldn’t be a “one size fits all,” Sharp Innovations offers three tiers of marketing automation packages to fit budgets large or small. Sharper Edge™ combines key marketing functions to improve website traffic, local search rank, better brand visibility, and more seamless path to purchase journey for website visitors. The goal can be as simple as form submission to more complex, multi-channel marketing integration.

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