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Domain Renewal

Please feel free to check out our FAQ section, as some of the answers to your questions may be available.

Otherwise, please fill out the form below to renew your domain through Sharp Innovations. If you have any additional questions, feel free to give us a call at 717-290-6760 or send us an email at

Domain Renewal


It is agreed that the Service Provider shall purchase the specified domain names for the Client Company. It is agreed that the Total Current Service Fees stated below must be received before the Service Provider purchases the stated domain. After receiving payment, the Service Provider agrees to purchase the domain and give the Client Company confirmation within 24-48 hours under normal technical conditions. Renewal registration is sole responsibility of the Client Company.


All data obtained by the Service Provider from the Client Company shall be held in the strictest confidence and shall not be made known to other persons, parties or businesses without written permission from the Client Company.