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SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit Services

This is for clients who want to take the first step in going through a comprehensive diagnostic survey of their website so a customized search engine optimization (SEO) plan can be devised. Our SEO audit services gauge how your current website is performing and how our team could ideally approach your site's optimization - for only $250. This is a one-time, non-repeating fee. It is a great approach for clients going through the development of a new website or a re-design, or those who are not currently on an SEO program.

Benefits of SEO Audits

The Benefits of SEO Audits:

  • A detailed report on your current SEO status, that outlines major issues with your website and its ability to rank in search engines
  • A focused plan of action, that outlines a recommended package or customized plan based on your results
  • A clear score out of a 100 showing how well your website is doing
  • No commitments to any services beyond the SEO Audit

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