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Frequently Asked Questions

Please select from among the common topics below, or feel free to browse through the entire list. For answers to anything not found below, please feel free to call our support team during normal East Coast business hours at (888) 575-8977 or (717) 290-6760, or e-mail us at:

Sales Questions

Billing Questions

  • How do I renew my domain name?

    Option #1: If you prefer to have our staff renew your domain name for a $30.00 fee, please renew by clicking here. (Please be sure to fill out both online forms). Or, feel free to call our office (toll-free at (888) 575-8977 or in Pennsylvania at (717) 290-6760) or email us at Discounts are applied when you renew your name after your first year.

    Option #2: To renew your domain name for no cost, visit this link. To renew using this method, you will need your account number and password. You can receive that information by contacting our office at (717) 290-6760 or via email at Discounts are applied when you renew your name after your first year. Please note, if you incur problems with renewal (i.e. - not re-registering it correctly) we charge a minimum fee of $75.00 per hour to fix the registration problems (if they can be fixed). Most of our clients find it convenient for us to reserve it (using option #1).

  • How do I know when my domain name will expire?

    You can do a "WHOIS lookup" for your domain and check the expiration listing. Here are the steps:

    1. Go to the Network Solutions WHOIS page.
    2. Enter your domain name in the box, and press GO!
    3. The results page that is displayed will look something like the text below:
    4. Registrant: Sharp Innovations (SHARPINNOVATIONS-DOM)
    5. 117 S. West End Avenue
    6. Lancaster, PA 17603 US
    8. Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
    12. 117 South West End Avenue
    13. Lancaster, PA 17603 US
    14. 717-290-6760
    15. Fax- - 717-290-6877
    16. Record last updated on 13-Nov-2007.
    17. Record expires on 15-Apr-2012.
    18. Record created on 15-Apr-1999.
    19. Database last updated on 9-Oct-2007 22:09:00 EDT.
    20. Domain servers in listed order:
  • What billing options exist for clients?

    We have five billing options for your convenience:

    • Monthly Credit Card Billing - 2% Discount Applied (All major credit cards - Automatically billed once prorated, then billed the first day of each month.)
    • Monthly Echeck Billing (Debiting) - 2% Discount Applied (Automatically billed once prorated, then billed the first day of each month)
    • Quarterly Invoices - Terms Net 20. No Discounts Applied
    • Semi-Annual Invoices - Terms Net 20. 2% Discount Applied
    • Annual Invoices - Terms Net 20. 5% Discount Applied

    If you have further billing questions or would like to switch billing options please email

Support / Design Policy Questions

  • What are your web maintenance policies?

    Our five maintenance program plans can be found on our hosting and maintenance plans page. For clients that are already on a maintenance program, the following rules apply for turnaround time on update requests:

    1. Sent in via our online request form - up to 3 business days
    2. Sent in via email at: - up to 5 business days.
    3. Send in via fax request form at (717) 290-6877 - up to 10 business days
    4. Sent in via US Postal Mail or walk-in delivery - up to 15 business days
  • What is covered under my maintenance plan?

    Following is a list of items typically covered by a monthly maintenance plan, as well as a list of items that are not covered:

    Covered Support: No additional charge under a monthly maintenance plan.

    • Text additions or deletions
    • Photo additions or deletions
    • Page additions (or deletions) using existing page design
    • Basic navigational changes (delete or add one nav. item)
    • Basic form additions (request info, news sign-up, etc.)
    • PDF and other document additions or deletions
    • Pre-edited video insertion or deletion
    • Link additions or deletions
    • Color or background image changes
    • Text-only changes in Flash animation
    • (And all of the other usual support... help with email setup, etc.)

    Billable Design: A separate estimate will be provided for each request.

    • Text styling (creating of graphics-based type that cannot be "highlighted")
    • Creation of pages with new designs (i.e., not based on existing page design)
    • Navigation restructuring (more than one navigation addition or removal)
    • Graphic element design, manipulation and insertion
    • Additions of (or revisions to) gradients, shadows, blurs or other design techniques
    • Photo retouching or manipulation
    • Video editing, compression or manipulation
    • Sound editing, compression and insertion
    • Dynamic form layout and integration
    • Flash animation revisions other than text (images, animations, sizes, etc.)

    New Project: A sales agent will contact you to discuss

    • New site functionality (shopping carts, news tickers, admin functions, etc.)
    • Site redesigns (more than 50% of site requested to be reworked or changed)
    • Search Engine Optimization and PPC
    • Identity and logo creation or revisions
    • New content writing
    • Photography or video creation
    • Print or other marketing materials

    Please keep in mind that the list above could not possibly cover all of the possible scenarios that we encounter. This states that we reserve the right to change or alter this list as necessary to ensure fairness for all of our clients.

  • Can you explain the domain transfer process?

    If the client has already registered a domain name, we will request the domain name account number and password. If the client doesn't have this information, we can fill out fax request forms with some major registrars like Network Solutions, Inc. In many cases, we contact the old registrar for our client and have the account number and password emailed directly to them again for security purposes and our technical use. After the domain transfers over (typically 2-5 business days, one day turnaround time is available for a nominal fee), we will immediately post the current Web site or a temporary single page business card site until the new web site is complete.

Technical Questions

  • How do I create an automatic email response while I am away on vacation?

    In order to setup a vacation message, log in to the email control panel as your email user. To do this, go to your site's user administration login page by going to At the popup window, click 'Yes' on the security notice to initiate a secure communication between your computer and the server. A login page with three boxes will load. Enter your email username, domain name and password where requested.

    After your login is complete, click 'email' on the left hand side, and then click on 'vacation message' at the top. Next, click 'edit' and then type the message that you would like to return to the sender. The "subject" variable will be replaced by the actual subject of the message they had sent to you. Click the checkbox next to "Enable Vacation Message" and then click the save button. When you are ready to stop the auto-responder, visit this same page to disable it.

    Other user administration directions can be found after you login-just click on help for directions and other options. If you have additional questions, please call tech support at Sharp Innovations (888/575-8977 or 717/290-6760) or e-mail

  • How do I check my email when I am not at my office (Web-mail)?

    It's easy to access your email from any computer with internet access. In the web browser, simply type "webmail.(yourdomain).com (i.e. A login screen will appear and ask you for your username and password. The username is just like your primary email address and your e-mail password (you cannot log in with an alias).

    Once you are logged in, click on the subject of a message to read it. If you point your mouse at the icons across the top, description boxes will show each button's function. If you have additional questions, please call tech support at Sharp Innovations (888/ 575-8977 or 717/290-6760) or email