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How Much Content is Too Much? Your Website Content Guide

Any good designer understands that web sites, particularly home pages, require a balance of images to text. Too many images with not enough content will make the site appear juvenile and might be confusing to new visitors. Too much content can cause the reader to become unfocused and abandon their efforts to peruse the site.

It’s important to understand the factors that go into designing a web site as well as specifically tailoring each site design to the business at hand. Today, we want to dig into what really goes into designing a web site homepage, and how to determine how much content is too much content. Continue reading

4 Ways Fonts Can Make Or Break Your Website

4 Ways Fonts Can Make or Break Your Website

There are a wide variety of factors to consider when designing a new website; imagery, color scheme, call-to-action button style, and overall layout are all essential to your website’s success and lead generation. These are all heavily scrutinized by designers and clients alike. A vital decision that is often overlooked, however, involves font choice.

Fonts can truly tie a website together and even influence a user’s behavior, making them a crucial part of the design process. Certain fonts should make key phrases jump out by being bold or unique, while others need to be comfortable to read in paragraphs. Typographical hierarchy is essential as well, leading the user along a designated path through the page’s content and drawing attention to specific pieces without distracting from the main text of the page. The science behind effective typography goes deep, but here we’ll focus on just 4 ways that font choice alone can affect the performance of your website. Continue reading

Is Print Still Effective? | Header

Is Print Still Effective?

As a web design company, we obviously know the absolute necessity of having a hard-working website. We also know that if your website is your only marketing tool, you’ll be missing some excellent opportunities to keep your name in front of your customers. Even in our electronic world, there’s a place for many other forms of marketing, and one very effective way of communicating with potential and established customers is a print newsletter.

Yes, printing and mailing add costs that you won’t experience with an electronic newsletter, but those costs will give you benefits that an electronic newsletter just can’t match, and, you can still place your newsletter on your website and email it as well. Continue reading

Write Clearly - It’s Better For Your Business | Header

Write Clearly – It’s Better For Your Business

A friend recently told me about a newspaper ad that he had seen. In it, a chain of stores included this curious qualifier in the small print *Not available in all stores.

If all stores don’t have the item, why is the chain advertising it?

Obviously, the message that the chain is trying to send is that SOME stores don’t have the item. The intended message, that the item is available here and there, but not everywhere, would be completely clear if the small print would simply say *Not available in SOME stores.

And that brings up another question: Do I really want to travel to a store in the chain, only to find that the store doesn’t have the item that I want? That experience would not make me happy, and such rudeness might discourage me from shopping at any of the chain’s stores again. Overall, this is a poorly worded ad. The company should make sure that the item is available in all stores, or else focus on some other piece of merchandise that is everywhere. Continue reading

What Can WordPress Do For You?

What Can WordPress Do For You?

By now, if you’ve ever spent any time searching for solutions to update content on your website, you are sure to have come across WordPress. WordPress is one of the largest content management systems (CMS) out there, and it is also completely Open Source, which means that it’s 100% free to use!

WordPress Content Editing Those features are nice, but you want to know how it can benefit your company. With a new setup, it is very clean, simple, and easy to use. The interface is streamlined to get you to what you need in as few steps as possible, and the organization of sections is clear as well. WordPress is primarily a blogging tool, which gives it a high focus on content, the ability to edit that content, and control over how that content is displayed, which is one of the main reasons many companies choose to move to a WordPress-based system. Past the blogging side though, WordPress offers you the ability to create pages with additional content, as well as control over the navigation of the site, so you can really customize which pages show up where, and under what main sections. This takes it away from being just a blog, but lets your WordPress site become a website for whatever solution you need.

Continue reading

Grow Your Business By Creating Your Own Story | Header

Grow Your Business By Creating Your Own Story

Here’s some good news for businesses: Media outlets are looking for your story, and when they run it, you’ll get free publicity.

Every newspaper has column inches that it needs to fill with copy and pictures, and every TV station has minutes of air time that it wants to fill with stories about local people who are succeeding in business or doing wonderful things for their communities. Continue reading

3 Quick Ways to Improve your Homepage | Header

3 Quick Ways to Improve your Homepage

Building a successful online presence for your business requires not only proper design, but rewarding internet marketing as well. As the internet and user behavior continuously evolves, so should your website in order to cater to the demands of your customers.

RLPS Interiors footer
RLPS Interiors maintains a clean footer while still covering all contact info a user might need

Your website’s homepage is the first place to look for improvement in a website review, since more often than not this is the first place people see when they find your company. In reviewing your homepage there are a few tried and true tips we find ourselves frequently recommending to our clients. Test them out on your website and you’ll likely find a boost in conversions, calls, or even walk-ins just by making a few simple adjustments. Continue reading

Let’s Make English The Official Language of Business - Header

Let’s Make English The Official Language of Business

We often hear discussions about making English the official language of all government business in the United States. Maybe we should also think about making plain, understandable English the official language of business websites and all business writing.

Businesses frequently write in jargon that’s specific to their industries, and if they’re selling to a general audience, that’s not good for sales. If I can’t understand your website’s writing, I won’t know how you can improve my life, so I probably won’t call you. With that in mind, take a look at this copy from a website and see if you know how the business will improve your life:

Unleash your team by releasing them from all the administrative functions that technology can now provide. We specialize in technology integration solutions in very large enterprise applications or small custom web solutions including the web design & dvelopment*, SDLC, process redesigns, contact center technologies, digital commerce, and social media.

*Yes, the “e” is missing on the website.

Huh? Even after reading this several times, I don’t have a clear understanding of what the business does. I can figure out the first sentence, although “performs” would be a more appropriate verb than “provides”. That second sentence, however, is a real mystery, and a writer who assumes that I know what SDLC means certainly doesn’t know me. Continue reading