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What Is My Website or App Really Trying To Be?2 min read

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The Internet has become integrated into everyday life and everyday business. As a result, we have found our distinctions between where to use offline and online tools to be less defined. This is more commonplace in regards to desktop vs mobile focused designs, however it also extends to our apps.

We have our traditional mobile apps, instant apps are becoming more popular, hybrids apps have overtaken development cycles, and progressive web apps are transforming the web into an app focused experience. Even on the desktop, many tools use Electron as a base, which blends the lines of web and a traditional PC experience.

Alright, so that’s too many names of toolsets and concepts that most people are not familiar with; whats the point of it all? The issue at hand is to know what you are trying to be, what goal you are trying to accomplish, and where your audience will discover and use your tools.

Let’s remember the basics:

Marketing is about getting your name out there, or providing useful information about your organization to potential customers. Applications are about getting a job done, or accomplishing a task. Certain tasks, like e-commerce sites fall in-between, as they provide the app-like functionality of purchasing a product, while also advertising and selling the products specifically on-hand.

So, which are you trying to do? What are you selling, or accomplishing with your app/site? It’s easy to fall into the trap of just thinking all you need is a basic website to advertise yourself, and your client will then find and contact you. The opposite is also a possibility, where you overthink the tools you need to create when it could be simplified to an easier method of contact.

Too many options! What should I do?

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Your first step is to figure out what you want to be, and do that well. Focus in on your desired audience and how to reach them, and turn them into clients who are engaged in your business. Often a well thought out marketing website can help to get this first step done.

Then, if you need to further extend into tools and functionality, it can be extended as a PWA (progressive web app) to drive engagement, get users connected, and interacting with your business or organization. If you feel lost, or unsure of what that would look like, contact us and we will help to walk you through it!