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Four Reasons to Redesign Your Website this Summer2 min read

Summer is heating up, and we can think of a couple ways to enjoy it! What about a brand-new website? Redesigning your site can be a great way to create a fresh buzz about your company and even roll out some correlating promotional deals to kick off a fresh season.

We love the idea of a brand-new website to bring your company out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Here are just a few reasons why summer is the absolute best time to redesign your site and say “out with the old, in with the new”!

You Have Some Time

A lot of businesses experience a lag in the summertime thanks to vacations and family commitments, which can make it a great time to get together with a web design company and sketch out a new plan while the company is quieter. It can be much easier for busy marketing departments to analyze their strategy and identify potential gaps when they’re not drowning in work for other clients!

Experts Have Put in the Time

While the “new year, new me” trend is popular in web redesign myths, it’s actually not as smart as you may think. At the very beginning of the year, analysts haven’t had any time to do any research on new trends and their results, so you may be paying for a site that is filled with faulty ideas by July.

By summertime, the expert web designers have had time to watch the yearly trends come to fruition and will be able to recommend the key design elements that are proven to boost your visibility on the Web.

Fresh Attention for the Fall

Fall is a time of change. The school year is changing, holidays are changing, and leaves are changing – why aren’t YOU changing? While your specific industry may not be affected much by the season change, all of the other changes being made can cause a ripple effect that brings new traffic patterns to your site. Parents will have more time away from their kids with the school year starting, meaning more time to browse social media and implement ideas they had over the summer.

Cleanup Time, but for Content

What good is a brand-new site design if you keep the same stale content on the pages? A design refresh is the perfect time to get a boost on search engine-optimized content to increase your site’s visibility and remove dated or unavailable products and services.

With all these great reasons to spruce up your site for fall, what are you waiting for? The team at Sharp Innovations is ready to help you take your site from good to great. Give us a call at 717-290-6760 or email us for a free consultation. We look forward to serving you!