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Can you recycle your website content?2 min read

A lot of time and effort goes into creating all the information on your website, so being able to repurpose it in other ways can help you get more for your money. When the information is helpful to your clients, recycling can emphasize its value or importance.

But search engines may penalize websites that feature copied content that appears in its exact form or appears with just a few minor changes to it. To avoid getting “punished” with a low search ranking, your best bet is to repackage content instead.

Here are 3 easy ways to recycle, repurpose, or repackage your website content:

  1. Find a specific blog post or page on your website that brought high traffic to your site. Now look through it to discover an impactful quote or statistic and create an attractive visual to convey that message on your preferred social media platform. For example, in the Sharp Innovations post “Email Marketing is Dead – Or is It?,” this information:

“In a 2018 Email Addiction study conducted by EmailMonday, consumers indicated that email is their preferred method of brand communication.”

can be emphasized in a Facebook post that encourages followers to learn more by reading the entire article. You’ll get the added benefit of having a new external link to your website. Customer testimonials also can be easily repurposed into an illustrated quote.

2. Look for opportunities where new data can be added to existing content. If you can add fresh, more relevant data to a blog post or website page that already has page authority, you may add to that page’s authority by having its URL recrawled. It may even show up higher in search.

3. Create a video or podcast to share and amplify the already created content. You can post those on other platforms and link back to the original post or web page for more details or include a call to action at the end and encourage your audience to reach out to your company. Embed them into your website for additional search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

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