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What Is This Web Coming To?4 min read

Every day, almost all of us use the Internet in one way or another, and the crazy part is that we might not even realize we are using it for what we are doing. For instance, when you pick up your phone and check the weather, that app is accessing the Internet to get the information it needs to relay to you. When you go home at night and nothing good is on television and you put on Netflix, all of the choices you have to watch are on a database on the Internet, and all of that streaming takes place over the Internet.

And what about so many other things that we hear about and use, such as Amazon’s Alexa? Yes, even that is using the Internet. Security companies are using the Internet to allow you to see your cameras on your mobile device or even to control your lights using your mobile device. Using the Internet, your exact location can be pinpointed on a map. You can post how you feel on social media. What is this web coming to, though?

If we think about the many different innovations that are being made each and every day, we can see a greater need and a greater use for the Internet. One of the greatest inventions for the Internet was the use of accessing it over cellular towers. This has allowed for a lot of new innovation. For instance, self-driving cars. They have to navigate and be controlled remotely. This can all be done over the Internet in combination with a GPS system.

So what will we be able to do in the future over the Internet? Well, many people are already starting to see the doctor over the Internet. They use an app that calls to a doctor’s office. Then the doctor talks to them via webcam and they diagnose the patient and even prescribe medicine over the Internet.

Want to visit the San Diego Zoo? Go ahead. Their website has live webcams where you can view different animals in real time. Many other zoos are also starting to do this. Are you traveling anywhere in the near future? These days there are many real-time traffic cams that you can look at to see what traffic is like on that road, if there is construction on the road, etc…

eiffel tower Let’s talk about Street View with Google Maps. I can sit at home and I can go look at different landmarks right on my computer. If I want to see the Eiffel Tower, I can and I don’t even have to buy a plane ticket or leave my house.

Commerce is done through the Internet. If you are like me, either you don’t like grocery shopping or you just really don’t have time to grocery shop. That’s okay because many grocery stores are starting to allow you to order online. Then they will get your food, bag it up, and bring it out to the parking lot for you so you didn’t even have to set foot in the grocery store.

The Internet helps make life easier for us and it isn’t slowing down. Each day it seems that we can do more and more things online. What is this web coming to? Simple, the things that none of us can do without and the things we rely on to make our lives easier.

And if you own a business, you need to be part of the Internet. Today, over one third of businesses sell online, and that number is growing daily. Having a website is an absolute necessity for a business, and having a website that works hard to sell products and services is much more important than simply having a website for the sake of having it.

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