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eCommerce Marketing Tips for After the Holidays4 min read

When the Christmas season ends this year, don’t rest on your laurels until Valentine’s Day before you start strategizing eCommerce sales and promotions. Immediately after Christmas (even before!), consider using some of these post-holiday eCommerce strategies to get the most out of online sales opportunities.

Post-holiday sales can be yours if you strike quickly and meet consumers where their shopping cart “sat,” or where their loved ones came up short. Reach out to them when their gift cards are ready to be used.

Following are 5 eCommerce Tips to help you increase holiday sales outside of the actual holiday season!

Cart Abandonment is an Opportunity

 Is your site set up to message a consumer who abandons their online shopping cart?

Do you offer to save their details or items for a later date? Does a short survey pop up asking what prevented them from purchasing today?

Create messaging that, upon cart abandonment, states “Keep in mind: We Make Returns Easy!” with an option to continue shopping and you just might lessen cart abandonment.

But don’t look at cart abandonment as a dead end in your sales process. Instead, see it as a unique opportunity for better conversation or an opportunity to learn how to improve that user’s future experience and potentially that of other users as well.

Use cart-abandonment SMS messages or emails sent a few hours or a couple of days later that persuade the customer to come back and complete the purchase.

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Study Your Website Traffic

Your site analytics or a heat map can reveal the product pages that fail to convert. Find them! Study them. Change them.

Conduct speed tests to make sure load times are fast enough on these product pages. Nothing will drive a customer away more quickly than a slow-loading page.

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Look at Audience Behavior reports and User Flow in analytics to locate the drop-off pages in their journey through your site. Study those pages to see if they need clearer and more effective calls to action.

Examine the bounce rate on your website’s most actionable pages. Generally, a bounce rate above 70 is higher than average. If you’re seeing high bounce rates, you may want to rework the content on those pages. Need help reworking site pages with high bounce rates? Schedule a free consultation with us to get started.

Consider implementing a heat map on your site to discover the most-used content and calls-to-action on your site and learn where call-to-actions get the least interaction. Revamp the pages that show little to no action.

Follow Up with Related Promotions

For any sales that were complete, say “Thank you” but not just on the Order Confirmation page. Segment your customers’ email addresses into their purchased product categories. Create offers product suggestions that match in style or usage.

Remarket on your social media platforms and launch paid campaigns that target customers who visited your site, highlighting products categories they browsed.

Post-Holiday Humor in Marketing

Use humor to capture post-holiday sales. Maybe create a marketing campaign centered around your company as the post-holiday hero to those whose wish lists got ignored.

Offer a “comforting discount” to make up for their disappointment or a “reward” for anyone who politely feigned joy over a fruitcake.

Celebrate post-holiday. Launch an “Out With the Old, In With the New” campaign with clearance on old inventory and highlighting new products for 2022.

In summary, think a little outside the box and view post-holiday as a season of sales opportunity. Monetize using hindsight and insights gained through analytics to capture more sales and launch sales campaigns centered around post-holiday messaging.