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Touchless Apps Show Your Customers They Come First3 min read

It’s encouraging to see local restaurants reopening, making the most of any outdoor seating to expand capacity while also maintaining strict social distancing regulations. 

Protecting your customers is priority No. 1 for any restaurant hoping to resurrect itself from the COVID-19 shutdown.

The next priority is showing the customer you can do that.

A customized PWA/mobile app can play a huge role in showing your customers you are progressively mitigating risks through your touchless menus, touchless ordering, touchless payment, and other features that minimize contact.

Sharp Innovations offers two different levels to help you find the perfect match.


Our basic PWA/mobile app can be featured on your own sub-domain or unique website URL. This is a perfect solution for single locations. Some common features include:

  • Digital Menu:
    • List all products, prices, & images
    • Item Specials
    • Categorize products
  • Additional Info:
    • News Feed
    • Events
    • Search capability
  • Organization Contact


For those whose customers demand more from their PWA/mobile apps, our advanced option includes everything in the basic level, plus these enhanced features:

  • Digital Menu:
    • Digital Ordering
    • Coupons / Discounts
    • Loyalty Programs
  • Location-Specific Info:
    • Multiple Locations (w/ map)
    • Unique, Per-Location Contacts
  • Other
    • Blog
    • AMP Support on all news and blogs

Need help determining which is right for your restaurant? Begin a conversation with us today.


Emphasizing a safe dining experience isn’t the only benefit to having an app that features your menu. A touchless digital menu can add value to your restaurant. It can help you manage food items more efficiently by categorizing products, quickly adding new items, and by rotating your daily, weekly, or seasonal specials.

You can notify guests about location-specific upcoming events, entrée and drink specials, seasonal discounts, new menu items, loyalty programs, and other promotions to help create repeat customers. Restaurants with more than one location can easily tell their customers if one location is closed and another is open or identify which locations have outdoor seating available. The app can offer per-location contact information and provide accelerated mobile pages for blog posts and stories.

Sharp Innovations can help you launch a PWA/mobile app that offers:


The more an individual interacts with others, and the longer that interaction, the higher the risk of COVID-19 spread. Limiting the need for shared objects like menus is an immediate and obvious way to convey safety.

The convenience of touchless ordering may incline guests to explore your menu more thoroughly and it provides a prime opportunity to upsell to customers through tempting images and targeted messaging.

A PWA/mobile app with touchless digital ordering can be customized to allow you to ask guests if they’d prefer their favorite entrée be saved for future ordering, providing added hospitality, convenience, and customer loyalty.

Additionally, if you integrate your digital menu with POS, you can generate a sales report in real-time. And an online ordering app that’s customized to your restaurant means you keep all the revenue from guest transactions rather than an ordering aggregator app like Grubhub.


The CDC recommends that businesses use touchless payment options as much as possible. Most restaurant guests now expect digital payment options because they’re now not only super-convenient but also a safety feature.

Touchless mobile payment is a step up in offering convenience and sanitation to your patrons.

An app featuring contactless payment can also enable restaurants to launch loyalty programs. When synced to a customer’s mobile payment, discounts for loyalty dining can be applied to their final bill, which, of course, encourages repeat visits.

In-app menus, ordering, and mobile payments not only offer a sanitized exchange, but they also offer your customers convenience and memorable, safe dining experiences. They can help turn your customers into loyal fans.

Let’s get a conversation started to see how your restaurant can benefit your customers post-COVID!