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Can WordPress Help My Business?3 min read

Whether you’re a small, local business or a large, multi-location business, WordPress plugins make it possible to add a new feature to your existing site or platform just through installation, with little or no need for third-party development.

WordPress is great for businesses that want to capitalize on its ability to integrate systems crucial to business success and help run their business more effectively and efficiently via the power of their website. In other words, WordPress integration helps your website become the marketing tool it should be. WordPress integrations can help your business grow.

Although WordPress started as a blogging platform, it’s much more than that today. Its ability to integrate systems has catapulted it into one of the most popular choices among businesses launching an internet presence and why our server is host to so many of them.

Check out just a few WordPress integrations that can improve your business operations and website:

How WordPress Helps Businesses

  1. Email Lists & Marketing

WordPress offers multiple plugins that can connect your website to different email campaign services.  One of the best cost-effective marketing strategies is the use of email campaigns. Constant Contact and MailChimp are two popular options for email marketing services. These can help you collect and maintain new customers and organize (or segment) those leads into more effective sales/marketing funnels.

An email marketing services integration lets you add a contact form to your website to collect leads, import Gmail contacts from existing or newly created lists, or integrate your Salesforce CRM to engage prospects in real-time. These integrations make it possible for you to easily send newsletters, sales information, etc. to clients and potential clients.

  • ECommerce

WordPress integrations can provide complete eCommerce functionality to your site. If you have your own internal ordering system for your products, WordPress can be set up to send new orders directly into your system for processing.

Whether your products are physical items or general services, WordPress eCommerce integration enables you to display, manage, and collect payment on your products or services right from your site’s dashboard.

  • ERP Systems

Each business has its own workflow or ways in which you manage your business operations. WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration can combine your HR, CRM, and accounting functions so you can manage them in one dashboard.

A WordPress ERP integration makes it easy to manage leads, potential leads, contacts, and requests for quotes, or help you facilitate (even automate) ways to connect directly with your customers.

ERP integration helps streamline reporting, merging various databases, and spreadsheets into one performance report that can be easily viewed.

  • Live Chat

If you have the staffing and the desire, you can integrate a live chat module into your website. This allows potential or existing customers to talk directly to your staff to ask questions and request help, quickly and efficiently.

A WordPress Live Chat integration is a cost-effective way to improve customer relations and increase customer satisfaction. 

  • Sharing Data

Don’t see your specific needs listed? No worries! WordPress is very flexible and customizable. We use a built-in REST API (representational state transfer application programming interface) to connect the information in WordPress to any system you may need. For instance, we can use it to place a functioning Google Map onto your site or to send social media posts out to your business social platforms (and vice versa).

Other Options for Integration

WordPress is not the only option for integrating with your existing systems.  We offer other alternatives as well if WordPress does not meet your current needs. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation and learn more about integrations that can help your business grow.