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Sharp Innovations – Why Hire A Christian Marketing Agency?8 min read

Does It Really Make A Difference?

If you have been considering hiring a marketing team to help you grow your business, then you might want to consider hiring a Christian Marketing Agency. Sharp Innovations has been serving businesses big and small for over 20 years not only by delivering exceptional customer service but also by producing measurable results. By living and working empowered by God, we are able to tap into unlimited resources in innovation, inspiration, perseverance, and communication. We work as a team towards a common goal and live by our company’s core values, leading to our internal and external success. While we aim to be retained for our ability to help you grow your business revenue and reach more clients, we think you might be interested in what else sets us apart.

Our Core Values

In our March 2023 blog, we discussed Sharp Innovation’s “Core Values” and how they drive our company mission, direction, and actions. These core values are important because they show who we are as a company and what motivates us to grow our business and yours. Most marketing agencies’ core values tend to lack a service mindset that goes beyond just making people more money. While helping you make more money is a primary focus for us, we like to go deeper than that. We focus on how it will empower you to serve others more effectively and gain the ability to give back to causes and communities you believe in.

By living empowered by God, keeping open communication, and living with a service mindset, we are able to tap into the resources necessary to find solutions for our business and the businesses of our clients. Our core values come into play in internal office dynamics as well as how we show up for our clients. Knowing that we as an agency are fully committed to our core values offers clients peace of mind and the ability to trust our intentions. For many, the ability to relate to our motives and morals is also a huge plus!

Why It Matters Who You Hire

When you invest your money in a company, you are helping them to achieve their greater mission. Whether you consciously choose to or not, your money is either helping the world become a better place or harming the world in ways that could be avoided. Every dollar spent makes a difference, and knowing that your dollars are going to a good cause beyond just helping you achieve your goals, is the best way to invest. We are not a huge corporation, but we still make a major impact (maybe even bigger than most major corporations!).

Giving Back, Clean Water

At Sharp Innovations, giving back is at the center point of our mission. Not only does the company Tithe, but a portion of our profits go to helping underprivileged communities get the resources they desperately need. Part of our founder and his family’s higher purpose is to give the maximum amount of resources possible towards helping to bring clean water to those in need. He has partnered with organizations like Never Thirst and Charity Water to do so.

Underprivileged Youth of Lancaster County

Our “Higher Purpose” to love, encourage and help the underprivileged youth of Lancaster County has also been a driving force for us to succeed as well. A share of our company profits as well as time is donated to local and global causes supporting those in need. Many of Sharp’s team members also have our own tithing practices, service commitments, and missions we contribute to personally, which extends the positive reach of your dollar even more. From beginning to end, we care deeply about helping others in all that we do.

Team Communication & Company Culture

When you work with a Christian-centered marketing agency like Sharp, you will get access to another level of service. Part of the reason for that is that everyone on the team genuinely cares about our clients and the results we deliver. Another reason is that there is a culture of mutual respect, honor, and trust within our workplace environment. So many companies deal with drama and disharmony, which ultimately deprives clients of receiving the best possible service available. When team members are happy and focused on a common outcome and mission, deadlines get met, quality is assured, and businesses get excellent service.

Do Christians Believe In Money & Success?

Yes! We all need money to live, eat, provide our families with shelter, and thrive. By making more money, we can help more people meet their basic human needs when they have hardships. We believe that we are here to enjoy life and have meaningful experiences with loved ones. By following the calling to create a business led by God, we are confirmed that our success is part of his will for us. We strive to help our clients achieve the same success financially, spiritually, emotionally, materially, and mentally that we have experienced as well. Money in the right hands, with the right motive, is a very good thing.

Should You Hire A Christian Company Even If You’re Not Christian?

You don’t have to be Christian to utilize our services or receive the benefits working with us offers. We have many clients and team members that follow different Faith paths. At the essence, our focus is on “serving everyone well daily with a servant’s heart for God’s glory”. This means that you will get the same top-notch service and respect even if you don’t identify as a Christian.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, we are confident that you will experience the difference by working with our company compared to any other in the industry. We suggest hiring us as your marketing agency based on our dedication to getting you results and our core value of relentlessly pursuing quality and excellence each day. You will never be preached to or asked personal questions about your beliefs. We keep things very professional, and while we never shy away from sharing our core values publicly, we practice spiritual consent in conversing deeper about God with clients.

Don’t Just Hire Us Based On Our Faith

Sharp Innovations, Inc. was founded with a desire to avoid simply conducting “business as usual” in the burgeoning field of Internet marketing. Joseph Sharp’s desire inspired him to pioneer the creation of a comprehensive system to guide clients through the seemingly complex stages of website development. While we understand why a company would want to hire us based solely on our Faith, we also believe it is essential to choose us based on our track record of delivering exceptional results.

In the right hands, more money equals more opportunities to help out your fellows and the world as a whole. Struggling businesses don’t have the ability to tithe and support causes as thriving businesses do, which is why we believe so strongly in our ability to produce measurable results. The fact that we live and lead with our core values only makes our success and your success that much sweeter.

Other Cool Benefits Of Hiring A Christian Company

If you are a business owner who is Christian, we think you will really appreciate the ability to openly praise God in conversations about business and in emails when corresponding. We know that it doesn’t always feel well received to openly finish your email with your favorite Bible Scripture and signature. When you hire Sharp Innovations, we appreciate and receive it fully, and many of the team will even respond with theirs. Even those within our company who are of different Faiths will help provide a safe and positive space for you to express yourself genuinely. There is nothing cooler than being able to give credit where it’s due for success with your marketing agency. If you have concerns, hardships, or questions, we offer support in ways you might not find at other agencies, as we actually have Chaplains on the team.

What You Might Not Know About Joseph Sharp!

Joe Sharp started Sharp Innovations in 1999 with a mission to “pursue an impact for the Kingdom of God inside our bigger purpose & mission to bless those in need.” He still lives 100% by this value. While serving our clients is a huge priority, Joe strives for a life of balance in being a source of inspiration, encouragement, and charity to his fellow men and women.

His spiritual faith is extremely important to him, and he attributes his strong faith in Jesus as the driving force for his professional and personal achievements. Not only has Joe stayed fully dedicated to his original purpose within Sharp Innovations, but he also lives fully in his purpose outside of the company as well. He is a graduate of Millersville University and an ordained co-pastor of Live with Purpose Church. He is a published author, speaker, and seasoned business coach as CEO Live with Purpose Coaching. He is also the Managing Partner of Kingdom Crossroads, LP.  Pretty cool!

Moving Forward With Sharp Innovations

If you have been looking for the perfect marketing agency to get your new website designed, launch your next campaign, reach more clients, and grow your business, then you are in the right place! You found us for a reason, and we have a dedicated team of professionals that are ready to help you get the results you need to live in your purpose. Our client list is made up of an eclectic variety of industries from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. Whether you are a big business or small, just starting or revamping, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to take you to the next level. To learn more about what we offer and how we can personally help you reach your goals this year, contact us today by booking your Free Consultation!