sitemaps help websites with search rank title

Sitemaps: Pointing Search in the Right Direction

The web is always changing in one way or another; Languages evolve and mature, design trends come and go, SEO “best practices” become “bad practices”. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s new and exciting, but one tried-and-true tool to improve your online presence that’s been around for over 15 years is the Sitemap. Sitemaps are XML files – usually automatically generated by a third-party website or built-in tool with your CMS – that simply list all page URLs and allows you to include information specifically to aid search engines like Google and Bing crawl, or scan, your website.

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touchless menus app

Touchless Apps Show Your Customers They Come First

It’s encouraging to see local restaurants reopening, making the most of any outdoor seating to expand capacity while also maintaining strict social distancing regulations. 

Protecting your customers is priority No. 1 for any restaurant hoping to resurrect itself from the COVID-19 shutdown.

The next priority is showing the customer you can do that.

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i think your data is showing

Excuse me, I think Your Data is Showing

With the ever-expanding use of digital web applications, sites, and services for branding, customer and user engagement, and internal functions like time tracking and employee communication, there is an equally increasing amount of data continuity loss. Businesses need to be on the alert.

Few business owners, employees, or even webmasters are aware of the expansive indexing ability of search bots used by the top search engines. It is easy to find companies that have saved private lead data, internal documents, and customers’ personal data to the web if you know how to use search modifiers.

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cpbj reader rankings header

2020 CPNJ Reader Rankings Nominee

Sharp Innovations is so thankful for our amazing client base who took the time to nominate us as a Top 5 Web Design and Development Firm in the region.

It is an honor to be recognized for the time and effort our team puts in on behalf of you and your businesses every day. While a nomination is appreciated, it never is a goal. We have found that everything falls into place if we stick to our organization’s mission to honor God as a team through integrity and dedication to our clients, partners, and team members.

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customer reviews

How to Use Google Reviews to Your Advantage

A couple weeks back, Google temporarily halted publishing Google My Business reviews, replies, and new listings reportedly so that Google support staff, forced by the COVID-19 quarantine to work remotely, could dedicate efforts toward “reviewing new listings, claims, and verifications for critical health-related businesses.” (Search Engine Journal)

Google has returned those features and we encourage every business owner to take advantage of them, most especially the GMB reviews. Google reviews can boost the trust customers, and Google, has in your business. You should encourage your customers to offer feedback through GMB reviews. They’re a digital version of “word of mouth” recommendations, a friend telling a friend about the great service your company offers.

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important covid-19 update banner

Important COVID-19 Update

We’ve Deemed Our Customers as Essential

By now you’ve likely heard Governor Tom Wolf strongly urging PA residents to close all nonessential businesses in the state for at least two weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re a client of ours from another state, you can learn more about the coronavirus quarantine here.

Although Sharp Innovations qualifies as an essential business, we will be out-of-office for the duration of the quarantine to ensure the safety of our staff, their families, and the community.

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reuse website content

Can you recycle your website content?

A lot of time and effort goes into creating all the information on your website, so being able to repurpose it in other ways can help you get more for your money. When the information is helpful to your clients, recycling can emphasize its value or importance.

But search engines may penalize websites that feature copied content that appears in its exact form or appears with just a few minor changes to it. To avoid getting “punished” with a low search ranking, your best bet is to repackage content instead.

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seo in 2020: trends to watch and styles to try

SEO in 2020: Trends to Watch & Styles to Try

Last year, the SEO world saw plenty of changes – from relevant, strongly written content playing a key role in site visibility to Google’s “mobile first” indexing structure – but now it’s a new year! We’re always on the lookout for brand-new trends and ways to improve our clients’ online visibility.

Today, we want to dig into some upcoming digital marketing trends for the new year, as well as a few trends that are here to stay and should be treated as such. Keeping up with constantly changing trends can be tough – let us help you out!

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Come to the Dark Side – Dark vs. Light Mobile Design in 2019

Tired of bright designs with white backgrounds blinding you when you’re doing your late-night internet browsing or news reading? Maybe you find yourself predominantly looking at a computer screen for your job, with headaches looming by the end of the day. Either way, you’re in luck! Another evolution in digital design has started to gain steam the past couple of years and is about to explode: dark mode.

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internet marketing is dead, or is it?

Email Marketing is Dead – Or is It?

Email marketing is dead…

Or is it?

We’ve heard this argument before. Often it is said by those looking to explain a minimal interest in signing up for an email newsletter. Here’s the truth: no one wants to sign up for your email newsletter. The truth is, “signing up” for your newsletter to “stay in touch” doesn’t offer any value to your customer.

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