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How To Make Money on Shopify8 min read

Optimizing Your E-Commerce Business
With Shopify

If you’re wondering how to make money on Shopify for your online business, then check out our tips on how to optimize your e-commerce store to increase traffic, conversions (sales), and repeat business. Shopify has become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for entrepreneurs looking to create their own online store. Its user-friendly interface, customizable design options, and extensive app store make it a top choice for businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of industries.

Make Money on Shopify While You Sleep

Shopify has impressive features that allow you to grow your business on autopilot with multiple shipping options, as well as instant downloads on digital products. You can also build a customer list & maintain/nurture relationships, as well as easily create promotions and discounts. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or already have a pre-existing Shopify or e-commerce store, there are some industry secrets that can help you take your business to the next level. Today we’ll share our top tips on how to make money with your Shopify store.

What Can You Sell on Shopify?

The 2 types of products and services businesses sell on Shopify are physical and digital. The platform is so adaptable that industries from far outside of the e-commerce landscape are now able to easily make money on Shopify. Some of the more, and less common products and services selling on Shopify include:

  • Digital downloads/products
  • Physical products
  • Educational courses & training
  • Digital documents & contracts
  • Specialty food items
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Services
  • Coaching
  • Drop shipping for other companies
  • Custom made items

Benefits of Building a Shopify Store

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that allows businesses, big and small, to easily create and manage their own online store. It offers a clear dashboard where you can create promotions, discounts, email campaigns, and more. You can sell almost anything on Shopify, and updating your inventory can take minimal time once you get comfortable using the software. One major benefit to utilizing Shopify is the simple and organized inventory management tools.

Easily Create:

  • Promotions & Discount Codes
  • Grow your email list of customers.
  • Follow up/nurture your list with email campaigns.
  • Create Holiday special and blast them out to your list.
  • Add and remove products or services without hassle.
  • Track & monitor customer activity.
  • Learn about your customer’s shopping habits.
  • Create abandoned cart campaigns.
  • Built in check-out/ card processing.

Popular Companies & Brands Using Shopify

There is no shortage of top-name brands using Shopify to make money. You may recognize names like GymShark, Crate & Barrel, Kylie (Kylie Jenner), Death Wish Coffee, and Allbirds, but did you know some of these companies earn over $500 million a year with their Shopify store? That is some serious money! For a business with that level of orders, a seamless and reliable store is essential. Get started on Shopify today for just $1, then reach out to Sharp Innovations for help to optimize and manage your e-commerce business.

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Shopify Features You’ll Love


Shipping options for your Shopify store include drop shipping and automatic shipping for in-stock inventory. If you want to sell physical products from another company, you can set up a drop shipping company that specializes in selling the items without needing to purchase or stock them.

If you make or distribute your own products, you can set up inventory tracking and get automatic updates when a product is running low or out of stock. No more stressing about how many items you have left or selling out before you can adjust your public storefront. Shopify takes care of all of this for you automatically with simple automation settings. 

Promotions & Discounts

One of the best ways to drum up new sales and make money on Shopify is to offer a discount code or promotion. Capitalize on holidays by sending out a promotional email with a nice incentive or discount for a burst of sales during those heavy shopping seasons. There are a variety of options for coupon codes, including discount percentages and set dollar amounts.

shopify discounts


Tracking customer behavior and website/store analytics is the best way to increase sales and keep customers long-term. Return customers make up the bulk of any successful business, and by understanding your analytics, you can not only provide better customer experience and service but also multiply your sales.

Shopify makes tracking your store analytics easy with its user-friendly dashboard. See how many customers are shopping on mobile vs desktop, average order value, online store conversions, and returning customer rate.

Shopify analytics


Automatically enhance your customer journey with abandon cart campaigns, email nurture campaigns, and email blast promotional campaigns. The most important part of any sale is ensuring your customers receive what they expect, and the proper follow-up automation can help you go above and beyond after each sale. Setting up automation can be tricky, but Sharp innovations can help.

Boost Repeat Customer Sales!

Did you know that 65% of business is repeated, and keeping a customer is generally much less expensive than acquiring a new one? By setting up your automation properly, you can get more return customers effortlessly.

Our Shopify Store Clients Examples

Sharp Innovations is well-known for creating efficient and eye-catching websites. However, we also have clients on the Shopify platform who are seeing massive success! No matter what industry you are in, getting a seamlessly designed online e-commerce store is possible.

Here are 3 of our client’s websites/stores built on Shopify to give you an idea of what’s possible:

  1. Speedsleev –
  2. Masthof Press & Bookstore –
  3. Stoltzfus Meats –

Each of these clients has a high sales volume, and Shopify has been great at helping them stay organized and on top of orders with built-in systems designed specifically for e-commerce businesses.

Other Sharp Innovations E-Commerce Clients

Shopify is great for a wide range of industries with a variety of products and services. For those with more complex online store needs, Sharp Innovations offers a few other options to make sure your online store is set up for maximum success. Here are some examples of e-commerce sites we’ve built with a large number of SKUs, complex backend systems, and advanced integrations. Our in-house website designers build on various platforms including Magento and WordPress, and in some cases, they even build fully custom e-commerce stores.

Cupolas Direct –

Designed and built on the Magento framework, Cupolas Direct has a vast number of products, variations, and customizations available for sale online. Not only did we build them a user-friendly online store, we also provide ongoing support for any changes or fixes needed.

Beaufurn –

A WordPress site we designed & built that utilizes WooCommerce. With the need to showcase a large number of products, design, and functionality were paramount in creating a smooth and enjoyable sales process. As an online business that offers estimates, Beafurn needed an equal emphasis on the design of the quoting process as they did the shopping.

Safegard –

A fully custom eCommerce solution for a large-scale, long-term client of over 20 years. If you have lots of products, various attributes, filters, etc., you may need to investigate a custom online shop solution. Not only will we build a completely custom e-commerce store for you, but we will also provide ongoing marketing, design updates, and development solutions.

Ready To Get Started?

Working with a dedicated team of experts might be the best way to go if you’re looking to upgrade your online store without adding tons of extra hours to your already full plate. In this blog, we shared some benefits of building a store on Shopify, as well as why you may want to consider getting help from Sharp Innovations to set it up and optimize it.

The best way to get started today is to request a free consultation. Our team of experts is here to help you find the best solutions for your unique online store and business.