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Market: Retail & Wholesale E-Commerce

Effective lead targeting is vital to the health of your retail or wholesale e-commerce site.  

You need to find customers who are looking for your products, retain customers, and grow your customer leads. Simply increasing traffic isn’t enough, you need to sell your product.



Organic SEO campaigns that are well-executed can drive traffic to your retail or wholesale e-commerce store. Our SEO experts will pinpoint the key themes that help get your online store in front of consumers looking for your products and are ready to purchase, while ongoing content marketing and PPC can continue to engage your customers, find potential customers, and help improve your store’s search engine ranking. Social media marketing and newsletters can help you continue to engage with your retail and wholesale consumers and encourage repeat purchases and brand loyalty.


Through SEO, social media and content management, online invoiced sales at Cupolas Direct increased by 13% and total sales increased 26% in one year.  Organic referrals to their e-commerce site increased by 35%. Sharp’s website redesign for this e-commerce site also created a more user-friendly path-to-purchase experience, along with speed-optimization for overall improved online buying events.


We offer decades of experience in web design and digital marketing. Let us partner with you to create a strategic, data-driven plan to boost your site’s presence and make the path to purchase seamless for your existing e-commerce customers and get you in front of potential customers.

Create a strategic, data-driven plan to boost your site’s presence!


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