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Portfolio: Cupolas Direct

Cupolas Direct

  • Site speed optimizations
  • Homepage redesign
  • Expansion of product customization options
  • Blog and social media management
  • Comprehensive Magento version upgrade
  • E-commerce


Cupolas Direct received little organic traffic and was looking to take the search results to match their saturation on the paid side. This could help save costs and position them as a long-term player in the space.


Cupolas Direct’s website was not user-friendly and suffered from lack of organic optimization efforts. The digital marketing and programming teams at Sharp Innovations quickly transformed their website into a much more user-friendly version, via speed optimizations, layout changes to emphasize desired actions, along with category and product optimizations to help better showcase their product. Previously unused product options were added to allow for more custom purchases at higher ROI. A version upgrade to their severely outdated Magento CMS was also needed, and this massive undertaking helped bring a more secure version of their website to life alongside an overall website update. These updates not only improved the look, but the function as well. Cupolas saw their desired saturation on the organic side, with help from our blogging and social media management services. Referrals from social increased 189% in one year. Online invoiced sales also increased 13%.

Internet Marketing

  INCREASE FROM 2018 - 2021
Traffic 55,644 (50%)
Organic Referrals 45,906  (198%)
Social Referrals 491  (106%)
Conversions 742  (65%)
Online Invoiced Sales 864  (64%)
Sales Totals 82%

Time Frame: 3 Years

Categories: Digital Marketing, SEO, Social,, Blog Management, Analytics, Dynamic, E-Commerce, CMS

Markets: Retail & Wholesale E-Commerce

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