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One of the biggest marketing challenges law firms and businesses offering legal services face is the overabundance of choices potential clients have.  

Competition is steep. Today, many law firms get clients from organic traffic to their websites, but due to the highly competitive nature, the only hope of keeping up or surpassing the efforts of these competitors you must have effective digital marketing strategies in place. You likely know social media and content marketing can help you engage with existing and potential clients, but with a heavy caseload, you’re not able to manage either.



Search engine marketing strategies can improve your law firm’s search rankings and increase website traffic, referrals, and conversions. Furthermore, a website design that makes it easy for clients to navigate and find the answers to their legal concerns and needs is critical. Potential clients seeking legal services are searching for expertise and help and are often needing to act quickly to have their matters resolved. You want to be the solution.


The law firm of Pyfer Reese needed to convey the varied expertise of its attorneys, all practicing under one roof. It also wanted to expand awareness and improve search ranking for the numerous law firm branches throughout the county. Sharp Innovations design team created a mobile-friendly site that enables visitors to easily navigate to the lawyer services they need. SEO strategies, including content marketing, helped improve Pyfer Reese website traffic (112%), organic referrals (226%), and conversions (232%) within one year.


Let us help you get more qualified site traffic that leads to conversions for your law firm or legal services company.

 Let us help you get more qualified site traffic!


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