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Portfolio: Malady-Wooten



Malady & Wooten needed an updated website reflecting their current lobbying services, new photography, and a modern look and feel. Along with new attention to the Malady & Wooten style and design, the site's content needed better recognition by search engines for the large array of services they provide as trusted advisors and seasoned public affairs advocates. Our team got to work immediately on keyword research, content development, and, at the early stages of development, concept designs to fit the new, modern look of Malady and Wooten.


The final solution presented Malady & Wooten with a brand new look and modern site, ready to be seen. With an updated logo, expanded homepage layout, and professional on-site photography, the firm now has a clean, professional-looking site with a modern feel. More importantly, the Malady & Wooten team had one-on-one involvement in the development process to ensure the final product was right before launch. The result was a collaboration between design, development, and client to be proud of. All the right steps will be taken to ensure the site is optimized with keywords for SEO, and our marketing team will continue to provide top-notch service to improve the site's performance. At Sharp Innovations, we are excited to continue working with Malady & Wooten to improve all aspects of their site, from tracking analytics to writing new content as needed.

Categories: Design & Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Responsive, Mobile

Markets: Legal

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