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Portfolio: Pyfer Reese

Pyfer Reese

  • Mobile-first design
  • Interactive banner
  • SEO
  • CMS implementation to allow client to regularly post news & blogs


A full, mobile-first website redesign needed to highlight the team at the law firm of Pyfer Reese and each attorney’s expertise to convey the convenience of multiple areas of practice all under one roof. Pyfer Reese wanted improved search rankings and increased awareness, especially of its new service, education law.


Realizing that it was important to ensure Pyfer Reese’s mostly on-the-go visitors had access to all the features of the website via mobile device, the Sharp Innovations team developed a mobile-first focused website with simpler site navigation and instant access to the most relevant site pages. Sharp Innovations implemented SEO strategies to improve the law firm’s search rankings and greatly increase website traffic, referrals, and conversions.

Internet Marketing

Traffic 10,385  (102%)
Organic Referrals 9,579  (147%)
Conversions 575  (509%)
Organic Conversions 410  (519%)
1st Page Keywords 59  (328%)
Total Keywords 399  (61%)

Time Frame: 3 Years

Categories: Design & Development, Business to Business "B2B", Business to Consumer "B2C", Mobile, Digital Marketing, SEO,, Blog Management, CMS

Markets: Legal

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