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Portfolio: J.M. Lapp Plumbing

J.M. Lapp Plumbing

    • Site redesign
    • Responsive site


J.M. Lapp Plumbing has been a part of the Sharp Innovations family for years. The Sharp Innovations team has had the privilege of seeing their business grow and even move into a new, larger facility. As part of this transition, J.M. Lapp Plumbing decided to take the opportunity to improve their online presence as well through a completely overhauled design and modern web technologies like responsive design.


Since Sharp Innovations has worked with J.M. Lapp Plumbing for so long and even used their services, the team was able to propose a range of modern designs that communicate the company's mission, focus on high quality service, and friendly technicians. The mature color palette and high quality imagery of the team help achieve this. Playful hover animations on the Team, Home, and other pages give the site an interactive feel while maintaining an air of professionalism.

Categories: Design & Development, Responsive, Copywriting, Business to Business "B2B", Business to Consumer "B2C"

Markets: Home Services

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