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Market: Furniture & Outdoor Living

Indoor and outdoor furniture companies find most of their market in residential, hotels, and resorts. Competition is steep and the pandemic has caused inconsistent growth.  



While the demand for furniture in typical categories has been disrupted, new growth areas exist in hygienic, durable, and outdoor entertainment categories. Knowing how to adjust to changing consumer demands and maintaining healthy SEO so you get in front of consumers is key to health and growth in the changing furniture and outdoor living industry. Social media marketing can help connect your furniture company with professional designers and buyers to form awareness, fan base, and trust in your brand.


Through search engine optimization and social media marketing, organic site visitors to Shelter Outdoor increased by 57% in one year, including the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. 


Let Sharp create a digital marketing strategy that helps increase the sales and revenue of your Furniture and Outdoor Living products.

 Increase your sales and revenue!


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