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Portfolio: Steve Groff Excavation

Steve Groff Excavation

  • Custom Design
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Copywriting


Steve Groff Excavation was a new division of Steve Groff Masonry and needed its own website to showcase their wide breadth of services throughout Lancaster County and surrounding areas. A dedicated website with unique but relatable branding to the Masonry division made the most sense rather than incorporating information into the Masonry site.


Embracing a user-friendly approach, the new site design establishes Excavation specific branding while still invoking familiarity with the Masonry division. Through our content writing services and coordinationg with the client, we crafted useful and accurate information about the entity itself and all of SGMI's Excavation services. Limited images were available given how new the division was, so a combination of client-provided imagery and stock photos were used. A large Free Estimate call-to-action grabs visitors' attention, streamlining lead generation efforts. The site was built on a flexible framework allowing for changes to content and new pages to easily be done in the future.

Categories: Design & Development, Copywriting, Analytics, Responsive, Mobile, Identity, Business to Business "B2B"

Markets: Construction Services

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