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Portfolio: Live With Purpose Church

Live With Purpose Church

  • Responsive site design
  • Motto and message management


Live with Purpose Church, founded in 2015 by entrepreneur and spiritual leader Joseph Sharp, is dedicated to the nurturing and development of the body of Christ. With such incredible purpose, the church needed a web site to drive the growth of the church and embody the core mission of Live with Purpose Church – to project the word of Christ into the community for all to hear.


Live with Purpose Church needed a bright, inviting site to fully portray the exciting, palpable joy and praise exuding from each service and ministry within the church. The Sharp team recognized this, and created a beautiful, easy-to-navigate site that highlights the community aspect of Live with Purpose Church and reaches out to the reader in an encouraging, spiritual way.

    Categories: Design & Development, Responsive, Ministry / Non-Profit, Identity, Mobile, CMS

    Markets: Ministry & Non-Profit

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