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Portfolio: First Presbyterian Church of Strasburg

First Presbyterian Church of Strasburg

  • Responsive site design
  • Motto and message management
  • Site organization and improved navigability 


First Presbyterian Church of Strasburg, originally founded in 1832, is dedicated to providing parishioners and persons within the congregation and community a means to worship together and experience the healing and restoring ministry of the risen Christ. With the growing availability of the latest internet technologies in mind, the church sought a more modern, updated, more organized website to replace their previous one, to enable their many web visitors to more easily navigate the expansive amount of information there.  


First Presbyterian Church of Strasburg needed a cleanly-designed, visually vibrant website built atop a completely overhauled superstructure. Representatives of the church were very hands-on in ensuring that the former website content was retained and organized in a particular manner, so the Sharp Team worked directly with them to bring their vision to life. The result was a highly-navigable state-of-the-art website with an intuitive interface, offering clean and easy visitor access and proper organization of all archived materials.

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