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Portfolio: Active Radiator

Active Radiator

  • Design & development
  • Custom programming
  • Responsive 
  • Social | blog management
  • SEO 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sharper Edge


Active Radiator is a family-run business providing quality products and services in the manufacture and supply of Industrial, Truck and High-Performance Heat Exchangers. With nine distribution centers across the US, Active needed to improve their search rank for customers seeking products as well as cleaning and repair services for radiators, charge air coolers, oil coolers, fuel coolers, aluminum diesel fuel tanks, steel diesel fuel tanks, and hydraulic tanks. 


With Sharper Edge and Digital Marketing strategies top of mind, we built the site using keyword optimization to improve SERP and enhance the success of paid search campaigns. The new site includes an interactive locations map to regionally highlight their products and services. We also integrated their parts inventory so site visitors can access their online catalog of heavy-duty cooling products via the product browser. We worked with them to re-design the UI without disrupting their internal processes. 

To make the transition to the new site as seamless as possible, our development team coordinated with the client to ensure their existing method of importing products regularly, both manually and on an automatic schedule, from their internal software to the website’s e-Commerce store stayed the same. This process takes a large excel sheet their internal ERP system generates regularly to add new products that don’t exist on the current site, update existing products with different information, update product imagery, along with any other information specified in the excel sheet automatically. This makes the process of keeping the e-Commerce site in sync with their internal ERP system easy and makes the website do the heavy lifting when checking thousands of products every day.

With updated images, the site is attractive and easy to navigate. It is also mobile-friendly.

Internet Marketing

Traffic 45,690  (17%)
Organic Referrals 46,007  (35%)
Conversions 4,280  (128%)
Organic Conversions 3,571 (153%)
1st Page Keywords 463 (1,187%)
Total Keywords 6,060 (484%)

Time Frame: 1 Year

Categories: Design & Development, Social,, Blog Management, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, SEO

Markets: Manufacturing & Industrial

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