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Market: Staffing & Professional Services

Digital Marketing in the staffing and recruiting industry is critical. To tap into the best talent pool requires going beyond traditional want ads and recruitment posts. You need to be active where your clients are.  



Through social media platforms, industry-relevant content, and targeted marketing, staffing firms can establish brand awareness and industry expertise, engage clients, and form a large network of clients. Search engine marketing technologies like Schema can help your search result stand out by displaying additional relevant info and links directly in the search results. Any little edge like this can be the difference between a potential client visiting you or going with your competition.


The Sharp Innovations team worked in tandem with JFC's technical and marketing teams to create a custom job search & talent search programming. Proper implementation of Schema was critical to help them appear alongside other popular job listing websites like Monster, CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter directly within the search results.


Through targeted digital marketing, social media networks, and a data-driven marketing plan, we can give you a competitive edge in the staffing and professional services industry.

 Get a competitive edge in the staffing and professional services!


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