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Market: Food & Food Equipment

Few industries rely on “visual consumption” as strongly as the food and food equipment industry.  

So much of your website’s design must be dedicated to aesthetics. Your brand’s quality, taste, safety, etc. all play a role in convincing consumers that they can trust you.



Our website designers create aesthetic experiences — from impactful logo design and interactive location maps to enticing photo or video galleries — that help turn online visitors to food or food equipment sites into consumers and, more importantly, fans. Successful site design is complemented with a team of marketing strategists who implement search engine optimization, social media engagement, content writing, and more to help grow your fan base and increase revenue.


The Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network needed an attractive, streamlined, mobile-friendly site.  The site needed to reflect its more diverse audience. The site provides nutritional information, recipes, and food-focused activities. also features numerous outreach projects including Pennsylvania SNAP and Federal SNAP, food bank locations, farmers market networks, and more. Because it serves so many purposes, calls to action needed to be well organized and easily discovered.


We designed a multi-purpose site that tempts visitors to explore all resources using strong visual appeal, engaging content, and instinctive navigation. 

Whether you’re just starting out in the food industry or an established brand, let us create a buzz that stands out in an all-too-crowded industry.

 Take the next step in growing your food market.


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