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SEO Definitions

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Research & Content

  • Keyword research

    Researching and suggesting keyword themes that match your product or service with what people are actually searching for.
  • Content optimization & cross-linking

    Implementing keyword themes naturally into your website, and appropriately linking your content to other sections of your site. This can keep visitors on your site and be beneficial for SEO.
  • Media tagging and rich content

    Associating images you share with websites, music and videos can drive traffic to your site through encouraging viewers to engage or interact with the content.

Setup / On-Page Optimization

  • On-page optimization

    Taking the researched keyword themes and implementing them into your website content in a natural way. Maximizing the usage of header tags, alt tags, meta tags, schema, and more.
  • Targeted title & description meta data

    The title and meta description is used by search engines to both better understand the page's content and is displayed when that page is shown as a search result. This is a good place for keyword theme placement since search engines display this description with their search results.
  • Image alt text

    Alt text is used it to describe an image if that image fails to load. This also provides search engines info on what the image is, so it can be served to people in the search results.
  • H1/H2 header optimization

    Headers are used to distinguish information so users can flow through content easier, thus providing a keyword home and a chance to better emphasize the page's theme(s).
  • Sitemap & sitemap.xml creation/setup

    A sitemap file allows users to quickly navigate your website by arranging the site structure in a simple link format. A sitemap.xml file is a shortcut for search engines to index what pages exist within your website.
  • Robots.txt creation/setup

    The robots.txt file is used to convey relevant content to search engines. It has numerous functions, including streamlining searches by blocking engines from irrelevant and duplicate content that may exist.
  • 404 error page setup

    A 404 error is a "page not found" error. This page is created as a catch-all for any broken links or situations where the user trys to navigate to a page that doesn't exist. The 404 page maintains the look of the site while directing the user back to useful content, so they don't become frustrated and leave.
  • Google publisher setup

    More appropriately referred to as rel="publisher" setup, the publisher tag links your website on search to its social media brand pages.
  • .htaccess creation/setup

    The .htaccess file is a critical part of your website and serves a variety of fuctions. We use it for displaying your 404 page, hiding files and directories that need to be hidden, redirects, compression, caching, and more.
  • Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools setup

    We setup and manage both Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools for your website. These are free resources that help identify problems with your website, improve search indexing, examine crawl data, and more.
  • Embedded map for contact page

    An embedded map will show your visitors exactly where they can find you, and provide directions if they need.
  • Conversion tracking/thank you page setup

    We'll provide you the ability to track specific actions you want users to perform on your website, including placing orders, adding reviews, signing up for newsletters, requesting more info, and more. We'll also ensure there's a proper thank you page in place once they complete the desired action so they aren't lost in the process.
  • Demographics/geo/interests setup

    Want more information about your website visitors? What are they interested in? Where are they from? Analytics can track this by modifying the basic code.

Social Media Tie-In

  • Blog links to rss feeds

    This provids your blog visitors an easy way to follow along with your newest content. It will pull your data regularly and provide it directly to your users without them having to sign up for an email newsletter.
  • Social pages linking

    Link your website with your social media profiles and let your visitors interact with you!
  • Social media setup on primary social websites

    Need help getting started on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any of the other popular social media channels? We'll create these pages for you so you can interact with your customers on these mediums.
  • Social share button setup

    By setting up social share buttons, visitors can quickly and easily share content from your website or blog on their own social profiles.
  • Social profile on secondary websites

    Want to expand your social reach? We'll setup profiles on other popular social websites as well, including Reddit, Periscope, Snapchat and more.
  • Custom imagery for social profiles

    Make those social profiles pop with custom designed profile pictures and header images.

Ongoing Optimization & Services

  • Canonicalization

    Canonicalization is the way in which website information and pages are organized. It helps to avoid duplicate content by defining which pages are actually the same content, even when their actual URLs may vary. Search pages and other similar pages commonly create duplicate content issues if they aren't setup properly.
  • 301 redirects

    A 301 redirect has many uses, but can help improve SEO performance and overall user experience on the site by finding the correct content requested.
  • Monthly reporting & annual review

    We analyze and issue monthly reports detailing the performance of your site's keywords in an easily understood format. We also review your site's overall performance, rankings and competition with a yearly analysis.
  • Add new keywords/themes/pages

    Search trends change and so does your business. Why would you let your website fall behind? We'll research and add new themes as necessary to keep everything up to date as your website evolves.
  • Updated best practices

    The search engine landscape is constantly changing. There are several improvements to these search engines each day, so you'll want to be sure you stay ahead of the curve and your competition.
  • Backlink analysis & cleanup

    The Google Penguin algorithm can unleash significant damage to your website if you have a large number of poor quality links pointing towards your domain. We'll review your backlink profile and ensure it is natural and any problems are avoided.
  • Broken link cleanup

    Broken links on your website not only frustrate your visitors, but it could keep them from returning. These occur naturally over time as files or websites are modified or removed, or webpages or blogs link to old content that's no longer available. We'll go through and ensure there are no broken links on your website, or other links that may direct users to a different file than was originally intended.
  • 404 error cleanup

    If visitors are consistently hitting an error page, we can research their real destination and redirect them to the correct place on your website.
  • Webmaster tools monitoring

    We'll regularly monitor your Webmaster Tools (Search Console) profile to ensure you haven't been hit with any manual actions (search penalties), there's no indexing or crawl issues, and gather other useful data from your Search Console account.
  • Reoptimization & freshening up as needed

    Unless you regularly update your website, it will become outdated. Even if you are updating each page regularly, what's popular now will likely change as the days, months and years go by. You'll want keyword themes that effectively target the searches that drive the most visits and conversions to your website today, while also matching your most recent website changes. We'll monitor what is and what isn't working and adjust accordingly.
  • Schema/hCard HTML tags

    These custom tags allow the better understanding of the content on a web page. By setting up these custom tags, we inform search engines of the specific elements of the page (i.e events, organizations or people). These tags will deliver additional information to the knowledge graph that will display additional useful information along with your search result.
  • Competitive site analysis

    This audit analyzes your leading competitors to provide a bird's eye view of trends and services in your industry.
  • Conversion rate optimization

    Small changes to your website can lead to large differences in the rate of which your visitors perform your desired action. We'll ensure you are optimized for the highest conversion performance.
  • Google content experiments

    How can you determine which small changes are effective, and which will work against you? We'll A/B test two different versions of your page and determine which leads to the highest rate of conversion using Google's content experiments.
  • E-commerce product/category/other full optimizations

    We understand that e-commerce websites are difficult to manage, and we'll work with you to provide your customers everything they need to make that purchase. We'll dedicate four hours a month to fully optimizing anything which may improve your user's experience, including providing additional product information, organizing categories and adding appropriate descriptions, providing downloadable materials about the product or brand, and more. We'll work with you to determine the best solution for your website.

Directories & Linking

  • Local Site Submit submission and management

    Local Site Submit allows for a central distribution of business information online to profiles on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yellowpages, Yelp, Mapquest, etc.
  • Content focused link building

    Link building can be a valuable mode for driving traffic to your site from other pages, but only when there is a focus on quality and relevance.