The following list of items are typically covered by a monthly maintenance plan (things our support team can do for you at no additional charge), as well as a list of items that would normally be considered billable.

Covered Support (No additional charge under a monthly maintenance plan):

  • Text additions or deletions
  • Photo additions, deletions and basic retouching
  • Up to five page additions (or deletions) per month using existing page design
  • Basic navigational changes (add, move or delete a nav. item)
  • PDF and other document additions or deletions
  • Pre-edited video insertion or deletion
  • Link additions or deletions
  • Color or background image changes
  • Text-only changes in animation
  • Dynamic form layout and integration (limited to forms not requiring database integration)
  • Bi-annual version updates for WordPress-based sites
  • All of the other usual support... help with email set-up, etc.

Billable Requests (A separate estimate will be provided for each request):

A member of our strategic development team will contact you to discuss:

  • New site functionality (shopping carts, news tickers, admin functions, etc.)
  • Site redesigns (more than 50% of site requested to be reworked or changed)*
  • Animation showcases, virtual tours and other interactive or animated features
  • Search Engine Optimization and PPC
  • Identity and logo creation or revisions
  • New content writing
  • Photography or video creation
  • Print or other marketing materials

New Project:

  • 0-15 users: $12.95/month, per user
  • 16-50 users: $9.95/month, per user
  • Over 50 users: custom quote

Please keep in mind that the above list cannot possibly cover all of the possible scenarios that we encounter, so we reserve the right to change the above at any time.

Cancellations for hosting and/or maintenance service(s) require 15 days written notice prior to the next invoice period to the Server Provider and 30 days for SEO and Social Media.

*Subject to service provider approval.

Alternate Maintenance Options for Clients Currently Hosting Their Own Site:

We realize that our clients will all have different needs when it comes to website maintenance, particularly those who choose not to host their site with us. While we always recommend one of our combined service packages as the most efficient way to both host and maintain your site, there are additional maintenance options for those who chose not to bundle services with us.

Special plans can be developed for accounts with time-sensitive needs, animation or dynamic programming changes, special design requests, etc. For most other requests, one of the options below is typically suitable. Please contact us for other options not shown here.

Option 1: Hourly Webmaster Program

Hourly Price - $95.00 an hour as needed


This program is designed for clients that don't expect to update their web sites more than 1 to 2 times per year. All work is billed to the client on an hourly basis. The hourly rate may change at any time and you can upgrade programs at any time as well.

Option 2: Software for In-House Maintenance

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 - $399.00 (link)
Adobe Contribute CS5 - $199.00 (link)

Training from Sharp Innovations - $75.00 an hour as needed.


This software solution will enable your business or organization to handle the majority of your maintenance needs in-house. Training from Sharp Innovations is strongly recommended in order to maximize the potential benefits of this solution. Training can be supplied on an hourly basis as needed until you're comfortable using the program independently.