A mobile version of your website can be created as an add-on to any existing website, or as part of the development of a new website. If you do not yet have a website, focusing your efforts on the core site first is always recommended. Web development solutions from Sharp Innovations are built with your potential site visitors in mind—and with a mobile version of your site, they’ll have a good experience with your brand regardless of what medium they might be using to find you.

Mobile web design has become a vital part of any web presence; A majority of all internet search traffic comes from mobile devices of varying sizes and form factors. Prior mobile efforts were focused on creating a completely separate mobile-only version of your website, but that practice has since evolved into responsive design which allows a single website to dynamically scale on-the-fly to display optimally on all devices. Wide or tall, tablet or phone, responsive design makes your website look great no matter what. Sharp Innovations employs these tactics in all new website projects, so your new site will always have a mobile-optimized design to guarantee anyone can navigate it with ease regardless of their device.
Mobile Web Design

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