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Portfolio: Shark Valley Tram Tours

Shark Valley Tram Tours

  • Comprehensive website redesign
  • Custom homepage animation
  • Full-feature photo gallery


Shark Valley Tram Tours is an authorized concessioner for the national park service, they operate the national park tours within the Shark Valley Entrance of Everglades National Park. Shark Valley asked the team at Sharp Innovations to assist them at making their website into an attractive and easy navigate tool for their clients to setup a tour that they wont soon forget.


Shark Valley Tram Tours offers a wide variety of tours to their customers, making the atmosphere of the website reflect that of the tours. Through the Sharp Innovations design process, the team at Shark Valley were given multiple designs to choose from as a base where Sharp Innovations then made edits to the designs to ensure it aligned with their vision. Once the design was finalized it was on to the content phase where the site was fleshed out, and from there the team at Sharp began the build-out of the site. The resulting website was both simple to navigate but vibrant and eye-catching with engaging photographs of local wild life and the tours themselves.

Internet Marketing

Traffic 75,602  (53%)
Organic Referrals 18,079  (24%)
Online Sales** 7,761  (276%)
Sales Totals** 301%
1st Page Keywords 49  (43%)

Time Frame: 7 Years

** Sales comparisons are for year 2 vs year 7. The online ticketing wasn't implemented until year 2.

Categories: Design & Development, Business to Consumer "B2C", Digital Marketing, SEO, Dynamic

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