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Portfolio: RLPS Architects

RLPS Architects

  • Comprehensive site redesign
  • Custom homepage animation
  • Client manageable project portfolio
  • Client manageable news archive
  • Responsive site design for mobile devices


Since 1954, RPLS has been known for innovative, cost-effective architectural solutions for non-profit retirement communities, public and private educational facilities, municipal facilities, offices, residences and more. The firm challenged the team at Sharp Innovations to create a new website that was easy to navigate, compatible with a wide range of devices, self-manageable, and visually engaging.


Sharp Innovations worked with key personnel at RLPS to create a website that had an intuitive, multi-layer navigational structure, with an inherit focus on key imagery that showcases their beautiful projects. Both the tiered portfolio and the news archive were developed to allow administration by RLPS staff through the WordPress platform, so important projects and other news could be added to the site at a moment's notice. In addition, responsive design techniques were utilized during the site build so users on mobile platforms (both tablets and smart phones) would have experiences tailored to their devices. The result of the cooperative efforts between RLPS and Sharp Innovations is a website that hides its technical sophistication behind an unobtrusive interface, clean design and impressive images of RLPS projects that speak for themselves. Which, we believe, is exactly how it should be.

    Categories: Design & Development, Business to Business "B2B", Responsive, Mobile, Dynamic

    Markets: Architectural and Engineering

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