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Portfolio: Medical Device & Implants Manufacturing Solutions

Medical Device & Implants Manufacturing Solutions

  • Comprehensive site redesign
  • Search engine optimization
  • CMS implementation for easier updates


Medical Device & Implants Manufacturing Solutions wanted to increase awareness about the national and international work they do, as well as capture more leads and organic referrals to grow their business exponentially.


In addition to an updated design with prominent lead-capture forms, Sharp Innovations implemented analytics to obtain relevant insight about Medical Device & Implants LLC’s website traffic, SEO to improve organic search rankings, and internet marketing to help grow the business. In a single year, organic referrals increased 150% and website traffic increased more than 40%.

Internet Marketing

  INCREASE FROM 2019 - 2021
Traffic 2,671  (61%)
Organic Referrals 1,617  (61%)

Time Frame: 2 Years

Categories: Design & Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Analytics

Markets: Medical & Health

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