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Portfolio: IPWMAN


The Challenge:

IPWMAN is a statewide mutual aid system for all public works agencies in Illinois. They provide an invaluable service for all of Illinois when inevitable disasters strike. With over 470 member agencies, IPWMAN needed a website that not only presented what they do and how they do it but also housed all of their member's information and provided backend storage for members, officers, and chairpersons to access additional information with as much ease as possible. Throughout the years, this information will change and evolve, and needs that must be met technically and uniquely may change.

The Solution:

Over the years, members of Sharp have maintained a steady relationship with the IPWMAN organization and provided several solutions to meet their needs. From designs to programming, Sharp created a website that not only displays the information of IPWMAN with a stunning and modern design but also houses a robust CMS to store and maintain the data for all 470+ members. Each member agency allows the storage of their membership info, agency contact information, map data, and more. Also, various membership levels can access specific data for contact information and agency resources for added utility and value to the website. Overall, this robust website provided a powerful tool for the organization and the public.

    Categories: CMS, Mobile, Custom Programming, Responsive, Dynamic, Design & Development

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