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Portfolio: Ensuring Access And Equity

Ensuring Access And Equity

  • Comprehensive site redesign
  • Custom animation
  • Donation payment system
  • Blog integration


The goal of providing students with fair access to postsecondary education is one shared by many, and creating a website that would provide the resources necessary to reach that goal--in a manner that was well organized and easy to use--was a vital first step in achieving those ends.


For the better part of three decades, author, CEO and public speaker Mychal Wynn has been working with schools across the country to help bridge the gaps between primary and postsecondary education. His multi-faceted approach includes ongoing speaking engagements and seminars, an every-growing book series and a very active presence online. Though distant in geography, both Mychal and the team at Sharp Innovations were close in spirit when it came to developing a website that would serve as a foundation for Mychal's effort in reaching schools and parents. Through an emphasis on organization and ease-of-use, the new website would serve as the backbone for providing students and parents with important resources, providing schools with impactful research and achievement data, and receiving donations to allow the foundation to expand its efforts and help more students.

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