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Portfolio: Bare Wealth Advisors

Bare Wealth Advisors

  • Comprehensive site redesign
  • Custom homepage animation
  • Responsive/mobile compatible
  • Homepage blog marquee


A new business outlook and a revised mission are complemented best with a website that properly communicates the organization’s transformation. Our design, content and leadership team(s) went to work with longtime client, Bare Wealth Advisors, with the end goal of propelling an already strong brand to new heights. In tandem with a complete identity strategy, our designers were tasked with creating something that was maximally usable, seamlessly complementary of the newly designed non-web marketing materials, and organized in a way that highlighted Bare’s revamped priorities.


A design theme that not only matched, but advanced the distinctiveness of the brand and its suite of marketing materials was the first order of business for our designers. Each color, font, line, and graphic was created to make Bare’s new look unique yet consistent with its longstanding and respected resume. Certain updates were also necessary in the redesign process to keep pace with industry standards like custom homepage animation and making the site easily viewable from a mobile device or tablet, through responsive design. Sound organization and a focus on Bare’s principles and newfound passion(s) were the final challenges, but through smart navigation, bold messaging and sharp visuals that challenge quickly became a triumph.

    Categories: Business to Consumer "B2C", Identity, Responsive, Mobile

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