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Market: Transportation & Logistics

Companies offering transportation or logistics solutions need to reach potential consumers in the B2B and B2C arenas.  

Knowing who your primary and secondary markets are is key to making sure your marketing budget is well spent. You also need to identify the competition and leverage that knowledge to gain the upper edge.



A lot of transportation and logistics companies compete for the same customers, with the same messaging. What makes your company stand out? A strategic marketing plan will pinpoint your unique assets and find the audience whose need best suits your value proposition.  


Phoenix Couriers is a leading full-service logistics provider of 24-hour, same-day transportation solutions for B2B. We built a user-friendly, mobile-friendly site that makes 24-hour dispatch service requests super easy on the costumer-facing side and on the business-facing side, with integration of dispatch software functions, from delivery locations and vehicle categories to payroll functions and revenue reports.


Sharp’s extensive experience in inbound marketing, content creation, analytics, and digital marketing can help your transportation and logistics firm stand out.

Let us help your transportation and logistics firm stand out!


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