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Market: Landscaping & Lawn Care

Most landscaping businesses are small, locally owned companies. While word of mouth is still an effective means of growing your landscaping or lawn care business, online search is increasingly a more effective, efficient way to find customers and enable customers to find you.  

Local search marketing is the powerhouse for gathering leads and conversions in the landscaping and lawn care industry. Additionally, your landscaping and lawn care business likely extends its services to overcome limited seasonality by offering cold-weather services (like snow removal, property winter maintenance) but awareness of such off-season services is hard to increase.



Our custom-tailored digital marketing strategies can help turn your landscaping or lawn care business into the recognized brand in your region. We can grow awareness of your services organically and boost it even more using proven methods like PPC campaigns that geo-target potential customers online. We can help you meet potential leads at the right moment, right when they are searching for the landscaping or lawn care services you offer and are ready to hire.


Hively Landscaping, a firm serving southcentral Pennsylvania, needed to increase awareness about its contracted residential landscape maintenance services. It also wanted to improve its search rankings. Sharp created a digital marketing plan to go along with their new website focused on high quality imagery that resulted in a 33% increase in site visitors, increasing organic referrals to their site by nearly 200%.


Let us help your landscaping and lawn care business improve and deepen its connection to local consumers, getting in front of them the moment they are seeking services and ready to hire. 

 Let us help your landscaping and lawn care business improve!


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