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Market: Chemicals & Cleaning

Companies in the chemical industry face high competition.

To stay relevant and grow, those in the chemicals and cleaning industry need to remain price-competitive and gain new customers. Digital marketing can introduce and expand sales channels, provide crucial analytics, increase sales automation, and tap into customers outside the normal acquisition of working through direct sales forces and/or distribution partners.  While personal interaction is still one of the best ways to gain customers, digital marketing as a complementary approach can significantly grow sales channels in the chemicals and cleaning supplies industry.



We helped National Chemical Laboratories Inc. build out its online presence as a leader in sanitary maintenance and cleaning solutions. By seeking to engage interested partners, consultants, and new clients, the site became a central location for not only industry training, but for all information on NCL products. Blog, video, and social media integration helped NCI improve both partner and client relationships.


National Chemical Laboratories saw sessions on its website increase by 15%, mobile traffic increase by 63%, and its new site users grew by 22%.


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