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Joe Sharp

Joe Sharp

Chief Executive Officer/President

Joseph Sharp founded Sharp Innovations, Inc. in 1999 with a desire to avoid simply conducting "business as usual" in the burgeoning field of internet marketing. His desire inspired him to pioneer the creation of a comprehensive system to guide clients through the seemingly complex stages of website development. That original system launched hundreds of successful websites over more than a decade. It has since evolved into an even more streamlined and efficient process that remains the most valuable asset to Sharp Innovations individuality in today's industry.

Joe directs sales, marketing, and overall strategic management for Sharp Innovations; he works closely with all new clients to ensure that their communications and business objectives are heard and understood. While serving his clients is priority, Joe strives for a life of balance in being a source of inspiration, encouragement, and charity to his fellow men and women. His spiritual faith is extremely important to him, and he attributes his strong faith as the driving force for his professional and personal achievements.

Joe currently resides in Conestoga with his beautiful wife Jen, and his children, Joshua, Samuel, and Madalyn. He is graduate of Millersville University and an ordained pastor Live with Purpose Church. He is a published author, speaker, and seasoned business coach as CEO Live with Purpose Coaching. He is also Managing Partner of Kingdom Crossroads, LP. Joe enjoys athletics, coaching, leadership activities, writing, drawing, creative projects, outdoor activities, and music. He volunteers for various local community service organizations as well as his local church. He aspires to participate in missions work on a global scale and bring God glory through all He does.

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