Web Design

The bread-and-butter of the many services we offer, Sharp Innovations has designed and developed literally hundreds of Websites, and has roughly 40-50 projects in development at any one time.

Our full-time, in-house team of designers and creative personnel helps ensure that every project is handled with the same attention and care, regardless of size or budget. The Sharp Innovations creative team has the experience and knowledge to take your Website design to the next level.

Flash Animation

Adobe Flash animation allows for moving text, images, sounds, interfaces and a whole lot more. This technology is employed by Sharp Innovations’ designers to create messages that are engaging and eye-catching.

Flash animation isn’t appropriate for every client or every Website, but for some, it can add a level of impact, freshness and user interaction that simply isn’t possible with static imagery. We can bring the creative potential of Flash Animation to your Website.

Content Development

Our team of seasoned experts have written content for hundreds of Websites, as well as numerous print ads, brochures, press releases and other marketing materials. We work closely with every client to gain a clear understanding of their short and long-term objectives, their unique selling propositions and their target markets. And because we understand the pivotal importance of a Website's messaging, we address the content collection and refinement stage during the early part of our Web development process.