Application Development

Our client, Golden Laces, is happy they choose Sharp Innovations over other Pennsylvania web site developers for their web applications.

Unlike websites of just a few years ago, users today expect more than simple pictures and text. Users expect interactivity—and this is only possible with the intelligent programming of on-page "applications."

Web applications can be developed to perform a variety of functions, from calculating tax on store transactions to locating business reps within a dynamic map. As a premier Pennsylvania web site developer, we believe it’s our job to develop web applications that take your website beyond the status quo to truly connect with your customers.

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The Benefits of custom application development

  • Custom-built applications give you the features you need, without paying for ones you don’t
  • Maximizes the potential of your site, taking you beyond mere “brochureware”
  • Applications can be added to or revised over time, to meet the changing needs of your business or organization.