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5 Ways A Video Can Boost Your Search Rankings

5 Ways A Video Can Boost Your Search Rankings - Header

One of the most popular websites in the world, YouTube, is one of the web’s greatest ways to consume content.  YouTube boasts over 1 billion users and has an average viewing session of 40 minutes on mobile devices,  so you can clearly understand why video content is so important in today’s market.

Adding a video to your website has numerous benefits not only for your brand and your message, but for your website’s ranking capabilities as well. Whether you’re a small startup looking to get in front of more customers or a Fortune 500 company looking to improve the bottom line, videos are a great way to invest in your business.

For those who are skeptical if producing a video for your brand is worth the cost, consider these benefits:

As you can see, videos can certainly help improve your internet marketing efforts and search engine placement. Using the Sharp Innovations website as an example, when we launched our new website at the end of December we included a video throughout (you can actually see it to the right of this page). The average time on page for January of 2016 compared with January of 2015 shows an astounding increase of 149% on the homepage alone! Explained a different way, visitors are spending nearly two and a half times more time on our homepage than they did a year ago. It’s no wonder why the search visibility for Sharp Innovations has increased as well.

If you’d like to explore adding a video to your website, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.