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Portfolio: Chimera Computers

Chimera Computers

  • Site redesign
  • Responsive site
  • E-commerce build


Chimera Computers had a very specific goal in mind at the beginning of their redesign: user friendliness and a clean, simple 3-tier design. The Sharp team took care to incorporate the sleek design into the simple e-commerce functionality, and Chimera’s new site was born. 


Incorporating Chimera Computer’s high-tech products in a simple design seems challenging at first, but the contrast ended up highlighting the incredible quality of the products even more. E-commerce designs are tricky in their execution, but the Sharp team carefully created a simple, effective design to streamline purchases and highlight the products and services provided by Chimera. In the end, Chimera Computers received a responsive e-commerce web site perfectly tailored to their high-tech business.

    Categories: Design & Development, E-Commerce, Responsive, Mobile, Dynamic, CMS

    Markets: Technology

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