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Design & Development Portfolio:

Unified Energy Alliance

  • Comprehensive website design and development
  • Homepage animation creation and newsfeed integration
  • Custom applications including referral forms and multi-tiered partner portal
  • Branded corporate and partner literature and identity pieces
  • Ongoing, comprehensive web development and collateral marketing partnership


Unified Energy Alliance provides independent energy consulting services through a network of certified, independent Consulting Partners. As a business seeking to create a name for itself in highly competitive, and frankly, often confusing deregulated energy markets, UEA needed a partner that could grow with them as they developed both partner and client relationships alike.


Working with key personnel at Unified Energy Alliance, the team at Sharp Innovations first developed an identity around which marketing materials could be developed. Once these basic literature pieces were off the ground, the team focused on developing an online presence that conveyed the key UEA messages while seeking to engage interested partners, consultants and new clients.

Upon successful launch of the core website, UEA further entrusted the Sharp team to begin development of "Phase 2" efforts, including new online Partner resources, presentations materials and a slew of new offline and online marketing materials and tools. As new functionality is integrated with the existing site, UEA will have the resources necessary to begin focusing further efforts in growth and expansion. Sharp Innovations is proud to be partnering with UEA in their new and exciting endeavors in the energy supply and delivery field.

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