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Pyfer Reese Straub Gray & Farhat PC Mobile

  • Highly focused, yet full-featured interface
  • Full website made mobile-friendly
  • iOS-compatible homepage animation


While undertaking a full website redesign, the team at the law firm of Pyfer Partners realized the benefits that on-the-go access could provide their more mobile clientele. At the same time, they didn't want to limit how much of their site could be accessed simply because of the smaller device screen size.


Realizing access to all of the features of the core website was important to Pyfer, the team at Sharp Innovations developed a mobile version of the site that utilized a much more mobile-friendly version of the site navigation with pages that could be easily read and scrolled-through, along with animation that ran well on any type of device. In addition, the homepage provided instant access points to the most important parts of the site, so unnecessary scrolling, hunting, swipes, etc. could be reduced. The result is a mobile website that leaves nothing behind in comparison to its big brother.

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